Jon Stewart Stopped By The Last Episode Of ‘The Nightly Show’ To Offer Larry Wilmore Praise And Advice


Thursday night (Aug. 18), The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore aired its final episode, and Jon Stewart came out to support his old friend.

My recommendation for breakfast, coffee with a side of J Stew.

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On Monday (Aug. 15), Comedy Central announced the cancellation of The Nightly Show after only two seasons on air. Larry Wilmore’s late night show occupied the timeslot of The Colbert Report after Stephen Colbert exited the network to pursue his new show,  Late Night with Stephen Colbert. The Nightly Show reportedly lacked the ratings to keep its spot.

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Stewart, who once faced his own Comedy Central cancellation woes, extended his hand to Wilmore in friendship and support.

“What you, my friend, were tasked to do, you have done and done beautifully,” Stewart said. “You gave voice to underserved voices in the media arena and you did it. It was a show that was raw and poignant and funny and smart and all those things. You took something and got better every f**king day.”

Watch the clip below.