Jorge Ramos Warns Of Voter’s Neutrality And Trump’s Xenophobic Agenda

In the wake of extreme prejudice and discrimination, those who remain silent in the face of racist, sexist or xenophobic agendas that pervade 21st century America do more harm than good. It is this very notion that acclaimed journalist Jorge Ramos articulates in a searing op-ed published in TIME magazine on Tuesday (Aug. 23). In the article, Ramos detailed lambasted Trump’s jokes against rival candidate and Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton, his accusations that President Obama founded ISIS and the need for voters to consider Trump’s political ideology when they head to the polls in November.

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Ramos, who was escorted out of a Trump press conference last August for being “out of line”, emphasized American citizens will be judged on how to respond to Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric. Aside from this, Ramos also name checked Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite as examples of when journalists abandoned their neutral positions to denounce a presidential candidate’s political agendas.  “Trump has forced journalists to revisit rules of objectivity and fairness,” Ramos said. “Just providing both points of view is not enough in the current presidential campaign. If a candidate is making racist and sexist remarks, we cannot hide in the principle of neutrality.”