Kanye West: “I Don’t Feel Crazy Anymore”


Kanye West called in to BBC Radio from L.A. on Monday (Aug. 1) to talk about his The Life of Pablo, making $30 Adidas, his dream of working with IKEA, and whatever else came to mind.

In discussing the post-release updates to TLOP, and the “Famous” music video, West broke down how he stopped letting outside opinions affect his self-esteem.

“People call you crazy so much you start to believe it,” he said. “And like two weeks ago the fact that I was able to create an art peace [‘Famous’ video] and people not know why it was done, why it was thought of, how it was executed….to be able to do that and then also be able to be a successful business person at the same time? It’s like, I don’t feel crazy anymore.”

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As he transitions deeper into the fashion world, the one project West is most excited about is making affordably-priced Adidas sneakers. Referencing his late mother, Donda West’s work as an educator and his father, Ray West’s, activism, Yeezy explained how his upbringing turned the shoe project into his “mission in life.”

“I wanted all the information that I got from making high-end [designs] and bring it to the people,” said West. “Now I’m going to Adidas like ‘I know you never made a shoe under $50 but we have to make a shoe that costs $30.’ This is the thing I’m most excited about of anything I’ve done. To be able to take all that I’ve learned from the best designers and making the collections with fashion people ripping me, and dissing me and saying ‘don’t quite your day job’…to able to get to the point to be able to make stuff that everyone can touch.”

Repeating an earlier statement about living to be a centenarian, West used age to pose a question on impacting the world. “You only have a 100 years on the planet if you’re lucky,” he said. “What are you doing that’s touching people and inspiring people, and letting them have a piece of this good life that’s hidden behind a certain financial bracket, or hidden on the other side of Instagram?”

Later in the conversation, the 39-year-old father of two revealed that he’s down to design dorm rooms for IKEA, but the company may be weary of collaborating because of the 2009 MTV VMA’s incident with Taylor Swift.

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“I have to work with IKEA,” Ye proclaimed noting that if he would be great at designing a  “minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm room.”

“I head to Ikea and I visited them, and I feel that when they came to our board and blah blah blah, people starting bringing up, ‘you interrupted this girl and told the truth and he’s the worst guy on the planet,” West said. “So what, that means I can’t create with IKEA now, because I say what everyone’s thinking? I have to be like held to some type of social prison for the rest of my life for saying the truth..being slightly rude or whatever?”

Yeezus also mentions his 2020 presidential bid, and more on the power of design. Listen to the full interview below.

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