Kanye West Really Asked Mike Tyson To Move Out Of His Seat At UFC 202


Kanye is probably the most mentioned music artist that we have today. Rewind back to 2005 when he said “Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” during Hurricane Katrina. Or in 2008 when he let his Hennessy bitten-tongue spew out the fact that “Beyonce Had One Of The Best Videos Of All Time.” Or how about in 2013 when he went off on “Sway In The Morning” and created probably one of the greatest punch-lines in the last 10 years in the form of “How Sway.” You get the point.

So on Saturday (August 20) during the UFC 200 Nate Diaz v.s. Conor McGregor  showdown, Kanye West allegedly asked Mike Tyson to get out of his seat. Let’s let Skip Bayless tell the story.

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That once upon a time that Skip is referring to happens to be about a younger Mike Tyson who would have handled things differently had he been asked to move out of a seat. But now we’ve been able to see Mike Tyson in a different light since then so we’re glad no fisticuffs transpired on this night.

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Ye has been busy creating 21 pop-up stores  around the world. He will be selling The Life of Pablo merch in locations such as Boston, New York, Detroit and more.