Kanye West And Travis $cott Join Alicia Keys For “In Common” Remix


Alicia Keys tapped Kanye West and Travis $cott to remix her new song “In Common,” and we’re not sure how to feel about it.

Yeezy kicks off this remix. His verses drop a few references to viral pop culture moments such as his controversial video for “Famous” and Birdman’s infamous non-interview with The Breakfast Club. “Folks all up in our business,” he raps. “Yeezy Season, I’m trendin’/ I bet you they respek the name now/ So are we done or we finished?”

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Then Travis $cott comes in with his own spin on the flow which changes the mood and feels completely out of place. His auto-tuned flow layered over Keys’ island-like beat sounds muddy and strange.

Stream the song below and decide for yourself: