Premiere: Kelechi’s “Reachin” Music Video (Feat. Trinidad James)


Kelechi just released a new album project Before the Quarter  that amounts to an incredible form of creative expression. He doesn’t look to stop with just that release though, the Southern gentleman has begun to roll out music videos from the album — starting first — with “Reachin.” It’s a song that features the one and only Trinidad James.

The video takes inspiration from the from the famous 1970’s  ‘Sugar Shack’  painting by Ernie Barnes. The high energy track features beautiful women, retro styled colored suits, and a hilarious club atmosphere that emulates the vibe of the wild ’70s. Decked in a blueberry and gold colored outfit, Trinidad James adds his usual swagger on the hook while Kelechi raps fiercely over the up tempo beat.

The message behind the music is all about trying to escape the reach of fame hungry opportunists. The video documents this by showing plenty of arms reaching out trying to grab Kelechi but he manages to dodge them. Every time.

Watch the video below: