Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Says Rape Would Not Exist If Women Were Stronger


Donald Trump’s new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has merited many raised eyebrows from the Internet due to a January 2013 video, which has resurfaced. In the video Conway claims that if women were just as strong as men then rape wouldn’t exist because women would be able to defend themselves.

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“If we were physiologically — not mentally, emotionally, professionally — equal to men, if we were physiologically as strong as men, rape would not exist,” Conway said. “You would be able to defend yourself and fight him off.”

Conway along several other women panelists were featured on PBS’ “To The Contrary” discussing gender equality and women’s place in the military. Conway began her argument by stating women have made many strides, but the purpose of the military is to win wars, and she didn’t think women were physically up to par to take on the challenge.

The 3-year-old video was part of an ad, paid for by an anti-Trump super PAC, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, who claims Trump has a a real problem with women.

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“We cannot have a reality show in the White House; the stakes are just too high, especially for women,” said National Finance Director Francesca Lucia.

Watch the video below.