Kendrick Lamar Shares A Part Of His Childhood In Reebok’s ‘Perfect Split’ Campaign


The ever-influential Kendrick Lamar has shared a piece of his childhood for the new Reebok Classic campaign, Perfect Split. K. Dot is shown in a new viral video talking about the impact of the Reebok brand in his life.

Reebok sought to tie together Kendrick Lamar’s “split personality,” his raw, unfiltered artistry juxtaposed with the performer the world sees — and the “Perfect Split” leather of the shoe’s rubber outsole.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok Classic/Nabil

As his “Untitled 07 | 2014 – 2016″ plays in the background, Lamar describes Reebok Classic as his first introduction to the timeless footwear. He also comments on it’s contribution to hip hop culture.

“It’s only right that I wore them Reebok Classics then,” he said. “I’ve still remained that classic guy, and that’s the reason why I’m wearing the shoes now.”

Check out the full video below: