Kentucky Judge Is Outraged Jail Sends Black Woman To Court Without Pants

Kentucky District Court Judge Amber Wolf is furious and rightfully so.

When an unidentified African American female defendant entered her courtroom Friday (July 29) and alerted her she had been denied pants and feminine hygiene products, Judge Wolf immediately took out her phone, dialed up Metro Corrections officials and demanded answers.

The defendant had reportedly been arrested in Fayette County, Kentucky, for failure to complete a diversion following a shoplifting charge, her first and only offense. The defendant’s attorney alerts the judge to the treatment she’s been subjected to, and Judge Wolf is incredulous. In an effort to save her from further embarrassment, the judge has her placed in a back room until she is given proper clothing.

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Judge Wolf can be heard telling corrections officials that she will be denying their request to sentence the defendant to 75 days in jail, deeming the entire situation “outrageous.” When the defendant is returned to the courtroom, Wolf reduces the woman’s sentence to a fine of $100 and apologizes profusely for the “inhumane and unacceptable” treatment. She even goes as far as to imply that the defendant take action against the corrections officers.

“There’s only one way that’s going to get corrected, if you know what I mean,” Wolf says.

Watch the full encounter below: