Kid Cudi’s Late Nights And Early Mornings Resulted In Two Complete Albums

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It looks like Kid Cudi’s plan to release two new projects before the year comes to an end is actually going to happen.

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Ever since the release of his last studio album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, fans have been anticipating more music from the artist. Cudi has been hitting up the studio for countless late night and early morning sessions, resulting in the completion of not just one, but two bodies of work.

The rapper used a picture of Usain Bolt’s epic moment in history, smiling as he crossed the finish line ahead of his opponents during the 100 meter dash race in Rio on Sunday (Aug. 14),  to announce his victory as well.

But in typical Cudi fashion, he’s leaving us all with a cliff hanger. No word yet on when the albums will be released. We’ll have to stay tuned for further details, which are said to be revealed before the week is over.

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Cudi was recently very vocal about his frustrations with the rivaling streaming companies, Apple and Tidal, so we’re not sure if he’ll be releasing his projects with both music outlets or neither of them, but regardless, his music will continue to speak for itself.

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