Immigration Reform Has A Lot To Do With Winning The Latino Vote


As the presidential race draws closer to its finale in November, registered Latino voters aren’t playing coy with their thoughts on U.S. immigration policies.

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A nationwide poll pioneered by Fox News Latino reveals that most Latinos believe that the immigration system needs to be reevaluated. In fact, 88 percent are in favor of legalizing undocumented immigrants, noting support for the “ideas and entrepreneurial spirit” they add to the nation. While participants were mixed about the strictness of U.S. immigration policy, 69 percent agreed that the system is “mostly broken” in its present state.

The Hispanic vote is critical as the community makes up 12 percent of the country’s eligible voting population according to reports, and Latinos are placing their hopes in the presidential candidate they believe will acknowledge their voice in full.

“Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the former secretary of state received a markedly higher favorability rate from Latinos than the real estate mogul on the issue of who would handle immigration better,” Fox News Latino discloses. Although poll results show 19 percent of participants have chosen to put their faith in Trump, 71 percent trust that Clinton will handle immigration more effectively than her opposition.

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“Trump and the GOP would have the American people believe that immigrants are takers and hurting the U.S. economy, but the truth is that immigrants contribute to the U.S. economy every day, pay taxes, start businesses, and create jobs,” Pili Tobar, Advocacy and Communications Director for the Latino Victory Project, said. “The choice for Latinos is crystal clear, Donald Trump demonizes us, insults us, and puts our families in danger; Hillary is committed to passing immigration reform.”

While Clinton appears to be the more favorable candidate, not all Latino influencers are with her. “As Senator [Hillary Clinton] expressed disdain for the immigrant community, refused to support issuing licenses and just recently demanded the Central American children and families be deported back to a dangerous and precarious situation, without regard to their safety,” Daniel Garza, Executive Director of the Libre Initiative retorts, proving that the fight for the Latino vote, like immigration reform, is an ongoing one.

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