LeBron James Talks About His ‘I Promise’ Program On ‘Good Morning America’


NBA star LeBron James is using his fortune to impact the lives of young people in a big way.

In 2011, The LeBron James Family Foundation launched the Akron I Promise Network program. Students who take this program’s pledge to live a healthy lifestyle, keep a positive attitude and be a leader, among other points, will receive support and guidance through James’ foundation’s educational programs. When these children graduate high school, they will receive college scholarships.

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While on Good Morning America Thursday (Aug. 18), James talked at length about the I Promise program and testimonies were shared by parents who are not only thankful for the ways the program has helped their children, but also for the opportunities they’ve had to progress their own educations.

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“I had a dream that if I ever become successful, it wasn’t just gonna be about me,” James said. “When I became a professional I was like ‘Okay, well I gotta figure out a way, with help, still, to make something happen in my community where these kids can also be successful.”

Watch the full video below.

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