Lil Yachty Tells Why He Once Tweeted, “F*ck J.Cole”

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If a rapper has sent some reckless tweets out early in their career, chance are the ‘Net patrol will find them. Atlanta rapper Lil Yachthy is the latest to find this out.

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Back before he was Yachty, he sent out a Tweet saying: “Fuck J.Cole.” During a pit stop on his Lil Yachty tour, Lil Boat stopped by 106KMEL to chop it with Shay Diddy to discuss a few things such as being blocked on Instagram by Miley Cyrus, his education at Alabama State University, and of course the J.Cole Tweet.

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“I don’t know why back in the day I was heavy on saying ‘fuck J. Cole,’ I don’t know why. Aight, let me clear this up. I used to say that a lot. The first one was 2011, I was in tenth grade I think. I fuck with J. Cole as a person, [but] I don’t listen to J. Cole. I have nothing against J. Cole, I was young, I was just talking shit trolling. I didn’t think I was gonna be a rapper.”

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Yach also spoke on being blocked on Instagram by Miley Cyrus.

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“Miley Cyrus blocked me on Instagram a long time ago. I don’t know, I was trolling her. I think I commented one time, like, “fuck me girl,” or something. I’m wild, I’m telling you when I was young I was crazy in the head on social media. I was like one of her first comments, she posted a picture and maybe in half a second I commented like, ‘fuck me dirty slut,’ something like that, I don’t know, then she blocked me.”

You can watch the interview in its entirety above.