Luke Cage Is A Bullet Proof Black Man Prepared To Defend His Neighborhood In New Trailer


Marvel fans are at the edge of their seats every time a new trailer for the upcoming season of “Luke Cage” hits the Internet, and the latest is sure to make the month-long wait to the premiere even more arduous.

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In the minute long trailer Cage, played Mike Colter (who is also Viola Davis’ cousin) is seen fighting off a group of bad guys who foolishly haven’t done their Googles. The brawl takes place in the same gym that Daredevil works out at. A few men try their best to stump the 6’3 Cage with their puny punches and kicks only to get thrown up against a few lockers. Tired of exerting physical energy, the few men left standing attempt to kill Cage by shooting him only to learn he’s bullet proof.

“I guess you haven’t heard of me,” Cage says before the barrage of bullets begin. Annoyed at the new holes in his clothes, Cage finishes off the men who now have ruined his wardrobe.

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“I’m about sick of having to buy new clothes,” Cage says.

“Luke Cage” which premieres September 30, is executive produced by former Vibe editor Cheo Hodari Coker who also lent his talents to other hit shows such as “The Good Wife” “Ray Donovan” and “Southland.”

Peep the trailer below