Mexican Artists Raise Alexa Moreno Above Hate With Body Positive Masterpieces


Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno, who is competing in the 2016 Brazil Olympics, was dragged through the mud, and body shamed by the masses. Internet trolls didn’t think that Moreno’s figure was sexually appealing, failing to recognize her for her talent. According to ForTheW!n, some of the hateful comments involve disgusting remarks like: “Gymnast Mexican Alexa Moreno, the pig, was already eliminated in her second jump.”

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It’s unfortunate how critical and insensitive people can be. But that doesn’t mean Alexa isn’t beautiful, or for that matter, that people don’t find her attractive. Amid the ugly comments, a recent list compiled by Buzzfeed Mexico shows a number of Mexican artists have used Moreno as their muse, and paid homage with a slew of beautiful illustrations. Check ‘em out:

Qucho Moreno creates a cartoony style Alexa


 Jose Acosta created a highly elegant figure  

CREDIT: Jose Acosta

Rocio Paradoz fixates on Moreno’s eloquent leaps, and made a gorgeous drawing showing her soar in the sky

CREDIT: Rocio Paradox

 Most importantly, and last but not least, Suupergirl made a cutesy image which states whet we’ve all been thinking all along. Who cares?!

CREDIT: Suupergirl