Michael Jordan Wants Blake Griffin To Star In ‘Space Jam 2′

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Sports stars in mainstream American blockbusters aren’t anything new. We’ve had Ray Allen in He Got Game, Michael Jordan tag team with the Looney Tunes in the ’90s classic Space Jam, and Shaquille O’Neal play a genie in Kazaam (although it’s probably best to forget that ever happened). The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that an upcoming sequel to Space Jam starring NBA titan Lebron James was headed to theaters.

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However, it seems as if MJ is not exactly keen on King James taking his place in the upcoming sequel. In an Instagram video posted yesterday (Aug. 1), the basketball legend gave his two cents as to what basketball player should star in Space Jam 2. 

“Who would I choose? I would probably pick Blake Griffin,” Jordan said.

Check out the video below.