Michael Phelps Wins 21st Gold Medal Because He Is Indeed Part Dolphin


Michael Phelps won his 21st Gold Medal Tuesday (August 9) at the 2016 Olympics games due to his work ethic, his sheer physical force and stamina in the pool, his competitive nature and also because he’s part dolphin.

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Like, c’mon. Let’s not deny it, people.

Phelps earned the title in his signature event, the 200-meter butterfly. The win came as a sweet victory to the 31 year old who came in silver in 2012 and lost to South Africa’s Chad Le Clos. Phelps won the 200-meter fly by four one-hundreths of a second, hitting the wall at the 1:53.36 mark. Le Clos, the one who beat Phelps during the summer games, didn’t even place.

Before Phelps impressive display of athleticism, he became the brunt of the Internet when the Phelps Stare began to trend. The Internet did what’s its famous for doing, but what most don’t know is that while Phelps was mentally getting in the zone, his competitor, Le Clos, thought it fit to do a little dance in front of him in hopes it would throw him off.


Twitter had its fun with the #PhelpsFace, but it was Phelps who truly had the last laugh. Congrats to Michael Phelps.