Migos & Young Thug Get The Trap Jumpin’ On Cocoon (Remix)


In 2016, Migos haven’t been slacking at all when it comes to putting out new music, whether it was their second album, YRN 2 or their EP 3 Way. This time around, the group calls up frequent collaborator Young Thug to get on the remix of “Cocoon.” The original track was previously featured on their No Label 3 mixtape.

With Thugga kicking off the track with insane energy and flashbacks of the late 90s/early 2000s with lines like “Brand new FUBU..ooooohhh/Fat Albert on the side of my shoes,” he and the Atlanta trio crafted a booming and glossy track that shines as bright as Magic City on a Friday night.

The four shows listeners the musical epitome of #squadgoals as they exhibit the excellent chemistry they have always shown on songs like “Crime Stoppers”, “Cocaina”, and even Thug and Quavo’s duet, “F Cancer”. According to Complex, Migos released this joint for the fans in honor of Young Thug’s birthday \this past week.

Happy belated birthday Thugga Thugga!

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