Miss Tina Lawson Jumps Off Jay Z’s 3-Story Yacht, Because Why Not


Miss Tina Lawson, mother to Beyoncé Knowles, took a leap of faith on Sunday (July 31), literally. In a series of Instagram videos, Lawson announced that she was taking a “leap of faith that the world in 2017 is gonna be a better, safer place.” To symbolize this new hope, she decided to jump off Jay Z’s yacht, from levels high up, while visiting Nice and the French Riviera with family.

I took a leap of faith , by jumping off the highest third story , on a boat into the ocean . (Next post)

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In one of the videos, a skeptical 4-year-old Blue Ivy can be heard asking her grandmother if she knows how to really swim. “Don’t scare me, Blue!” Lawson responded. While Hov, in another clip, is heard shouting out some words of wisdom: “Don’t jump without a count!”

Taking my Leap of faith! It’s a little scary😅

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This is my first jump from the second story . Which gave me the courage to go up higher.

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