Mitú Viral Franchise ‘Cholos Try’ Picked Up By Comcast Watchable (Exclusive)


mitú’s viral content and original series Cholos Try has newly-launched on Comcast Watchable, Tuesday (Aug. 23). This marks the digital media brand’s first original English-language content series that has been picked up for distribution outside of its own platforms. The series will be 10 episodes, and all episodes will be available at launch.

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“‘Cholos Try’ is the biggest thing that has happen to our brand in a long time. It is the expression of the seamless integration between the art of telling stories and the right usage of data,” tells us mitú President, Beatriz Acevedo. “We learned a lot during the process of launching the first quiz and the Facebook series. We accumulated a lot of knowledge about our audience and about the way this content resonated among young Latinos and beyond them. And we applied that to the creation of a premium series that we will launch with Watchable as a partner. ‘Cholos Try’ demolishes stereotypes and shows that when you are open to try new things, the world can turn into a very exciting, hilarious and trilling place.”

In a political climate riddled with anti-immigrant rhetoric and racial divides, Cholos Try turns a stereotype on its head to challenge what it means to be different, and what is possible when you try new things with honesty and a sense of humor. Cholos Try is quintessentially Latino in its point of view, yet completely universal in its lessons and experiences. Centered primarily on Los Angeles Cholos/Cholas who explore lifestyles from other cultures, mitú invites you to join in on the misadventures as they explore quiet clubbing in NYC, Renaissance Faire in Kentucky, Alaskan outdoor adventures and much more.

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“‘Cholos Try’ is a proven franchise that has generated over 100M views and reached over 300M people,” says mitú CEO, Roy Burstin, adding that “Comcast is the perfect partner to launch the evolution of the series because we see the market in the same way: in order to succeed we need to connect with America´s multicultural youth.”

Get a taste for Cholos Try in the segment, below. Visit here to officially kick off your week’s binge-viewing.

mitú is focused on creating compelling content and experiences for Latino youth, in English, that is unapologetically Latino with universal appeal.