This Mom Teaching Her Son How To Roast For The First Day Of School Is Heartwarming And Humorous


The first day of school is truly the most important. Not only are students trying to stunt on all the other kids in their flyest back to school clothes, but you’ve got to solidify yourself as one not to be messed with to avoid the embarrassment that can surely come if someone tries to mess with you.

In an video that’s circulating the Internet, a New Orleans mother is teaching her son how to roast other kids in the event they decide to pick on him for the first day of school. Twitter user @WuzzamSupa is seen in a minute long video advising her little one on the art of the roast.

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Her son tries a few on his own, but mom dukes implored the importance of language “You gotta say ‘Boy you built like Mark Henry,'” she says, “That’s funnier than ‘look like.'” Wazzam Supa, who has a loyal following of nearly 31,000 on Twitter, then provided an example of what might work if he encounters a bully inside the cafeteria.

“You really gotta utilize the stuff around you. Let’s say you’re in a cafeteria, ‘Boy if you don’t get your milk carton head…'”

Reading, writing and arithmetic are all fundamentals every child should learn, but a good “Yo mama” joke can help ward off anyone who dare try you. Well done, mom. Well done.

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