New York City Boutique Reed Space To Close After 15 Years


We recently have been informed that one of the landmark streetwear boutiques in New York City will be closing down for good. It was the year 2001 when Reed Space first opened its doors on the lower east side section of Manhattan. The boutique has always been known to collectively bring together all different realms of street culture — whether it be fashion, music or art — into one shopping hub.

The founder of Reed Space Jeff NG aka “Jeff Staple” designed the boutique, and helped it rise after its first collaboration with NIKE SB — the known globally known “Pigeon Dunk.” The sneakers was a one of a kind rarity that is now worth over $5K for one pair.

For over a decade Reed Space has been a premiere fashion boutique and a pioneer in streetwear culture. Although fashion enthusiasts from all over are heartbroken about this news, the team at Reed Space said they will be opening a new location in the near future.

Reed Space will be closing on September 30th, so for now we should all make the best of the time left and make sure to visit the shop at least one more time. Dear Reed Space NYC will miss you.

151 Orchard Street
NYC NY 10002
(212) 253-0588

via Reed Space

Friends of Reed Space, Since December 2001, Reed Space has lived on this humble block in the Lower East Side. We opened Reed before the dust even finished settling from the 9/11 tragedy. Back then, the idea of a space like this was

completely new, different and unique. In the 15 years since then, times have changed tremendously.
Our subculture has blossomed into an industry titan.

We were once the outcasts. Now we’re the poster children.
We literally “started from the bottom” & it has been an incredible journey! But we now feel it’s time for a complete reset.

In 2001, we redefined what Retail meant. What Curation meant. What a Community Space meant.
We now feel it is time to redefine once again. It is with regret that we inform you that Reed Space will be closing its doors at this location on Sept 30th, 2016. We will be re-opening at a new location in the very near future. Keep up to date with us @reedspace and at
See you again soon! The Reed Space Team