Twitter Reacts Appropriately After ‘NY Post’ Bad Mouths Brownsville’s Ka


We wish Brownsville’s Ka was making headlines for his numerous contributions to hip-hop and the community of Bedford-Stuyvesant, but alas he’s trending for all the wrong reasons. In an effort to stay relevant in their own jurisdiction, two oblivious reporters from The New York Post recently found out about Ka’s day job as a veteran FDNY captain in Bed-Stuy and decided to “expose him” as an anti-cop rapper who spews violent rhetoric towards the NYPD.

The oh-so-exclusive cover story goes in detail about his life as a fire fighter who oversees the Engine Co. 235 station in Bed-Stuy by day and a rapper who aims to feed “the soul of the artist” he wants to be by night. The two reporters continue to tilt the story in their favor by asking random police officers, who probably had no idea who Ka is or what he’s done, about their “disgusted” opinions about his lyrics. They even had the audacity to list his annual income, mention his wife, and reveal the location of their brownstone in Park Slope.

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The major problem here is that Ka’s “double life” is no secret. Although he was a member of rap groups Natural Element and Nightbreed in the ’90s, appeared on GZA’s 2008 album Pro Tools, and recently dropped his Honor Killed The Samurai album last week, he’s spoken up about his day job in the past. So their claim that he “tried to hide that career for years” is a flat out lie.

The publication that deemed Chance The Rapper’s music as “dehumanizing gangsta rap” failed once again to attract readers with an urban angle, and now they’re paying for it online. Once the scathing story hit the newsstands over the weekend, fans of Ka reacted with their own words of disdain for the New York-based publication on Twitter.

Ka himself has yet to directly comment on the story. There’s only one cryptic tweet on his timeline that has popped up within the last 24 hours. However, El-P of Run The Jewels made sure to rip The New York Post’s article into shreds with his tweets.