Nick Cannon's NCredible1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Supply Quality Sound At A Fair Price Point

"Music has been a part of my life ever since I found myself in a RadioShack with pieces of stereo equipment that I had taken apart and had no clue how to put together" - Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon teamed up with RadioShack to launch the brand new NCredible headphone line. The sleek wireless over-the-ear headphone features a microphone, on-ear controls and a "modern sound."

The stylish headphones retail for $129 and come in red and matte black colorways. They are just the first product in what is expected to be an extensive line of products. RadioShack has additional headphones in store for the line, music creation products for DJs, and devices to help artists foster music more efficiently.

Cannon took on the Chief Creative Officer role for the company in December before the February launch of the headphones this year. The company delivers a quality product at a fair price point compared to its competitors in the industry. The headphones can be purchased on Amazon below.

[amz_item itemid="B01CKI3OMU"]

The package includes a plethora of items to maximize your music listening experience. The protective carry case includes a 3.5 mm audio cable, 6.3 mm audio plug, and a charging USB cable for bluetooth use. The wireless system works with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops and mp3 players up to a 30 foot range, which is bests the range of its competitors.

NCredible1s pride themselves on their strong battery of 15 hours of listening time and a recharging time of less than two hours. The ear-cup features convenient and easy to use controls with standard play, pause, volume control buttons where you can even answer calls.

Nick Cannon says the timing is right, "Now as a member of the RadioShack family, I have taken years of experience as an artist to create the ultimate, best sounding and most comfortable headphones."

Vibe's Take:

Sonically, the NCredible1 brings it on the acoustics with lushes sounds that otherwise couldn't be heard with standard earbuds, allowing you to block out any outside noise. The Bluetooth capabilities make the headphones versatile, and at a fair price point the NCredble1 goes above and beyond what you would expect production wise. The sleek design features padding running along the top of the crown so your cranium is essentially on a pillow. The only minor complaint I have is the comfort around my ears. Granted we all have different shaped ears, but I had the thick earbuds on for over an hour my ears began to hurt a bit, forcing me to remove the headphones for while. However, this definitely won't be the case for all users. They are definitely worth the money -- and some.

Overall Grade: 8/10


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Yara Shahidi Might Be The Focus Of A 'Black-ish' Spinoff On ABC

The ABC hit comedy series, Black-ish, is currently enjoying the success of its third season. Now, ABC is looking to create a spinoff of the critically-acclaimed show starring cast member Yara Shahidi.

According to Deadline, series creator and executive producer Kenya Barris is working with the network and ABC studios on the new project, which will focus on Shahidi's character, Zoey Johnson, and her life in college. Larry Wilmore, who was the executive producer and show-runner on the first 13 episodes of Black-ish recently returned to ABC Studios with an overall deal after leaving to work on his Comedy Central late-night show.

Although we have seen many spinoff shows falter, this topic of transition isn't unfamiliar. We saw a similar transition in television shows when The Cosby Show's character Denise got her own series, A Different World, which also focuses on her move to college.

The spinoff's pilot episode might be introduced on Black-ish in the spring, so keep your eyes peeled to this current season as they build upon Zoey's internship at Teen Vogue and her journey to college.


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Three Small Bluetooth Speakers That Pack A Big Punch

Let’s be honest; music enhances just about any experience. The summer months call for impromptu get togethers that are deserving of a speaker that is as spontaneous as you are. We’ve sifted through dozens of options and narrowed it down to three great wireless Bluetooth speakers that are ready to go wherever life takes you.

1. Marshall Kilburn

[amz_item itemid="B00ZY1J1JG"]

Having already made a name for themselves nearly 60 years ago making guitar amplifiers, the people at Marshall have branched out into the world of high-end Bluetooth audio. With 20 hours of music playback on a single charge, the Marshall Kilburn speaker is as portable and enduring as you need it to be for all of your daily (and nightly) adventures. The Kilburn is surprisingly loud for its size and features very balanced tone with defined, but not overpowering bass. The gold knob controls allow you to tweak both the bass and treble (for the discerning audiophile) and tailor the sound to your listening needs. Aesthetically, the Kilburn resembles a vintage guitar amplifier with a beautiful silver-face speaker cloth and the iconic Marshall logo. The Kilburn has a leather strap to top it all off, so you can carry it basically anywhere.

2. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay S3

[amz_item itemid="B016X1N5JC"]

Bang & Olufsen, Danish purveyors of designer audio/video equipment, have brought us another fantastic speaker with the release of the Beoplay S3. The S3 is one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers that Bang & Olufsen currently offers, but don’t be fooled by its size; it is loud, really loud. And if you need it louder, you can purchase another S3 and pair it via Bluetooth for an even bigger sound. The Beoplay S3 features a beautiful, geometric silhouette with elegant lines, but if that’s not your thing, you can actually change the shape and color of the speaker in a matter of seconds (additional color "skins" are available for purchase). Bang & Olufsen certainly delivers with a product that gives a customizable, immersive listening experience at home, or on the go.

3. Harmon Kardon Onyx

[amz_item itemid="B00ZGVTSM4"]

Harmon Kardon certainly separates itself from the masses with the Onyx Studio 2. Resembling a miniature satellite dish, the Onyx Studio 2 stands upright with the support of two copper-colored legs. The control buttons are seamlessly integrated into the rim of the speaker and follows the low-profile motif beautifully. On a single charge, the Onyx Studio 2 can play music at moderate volumes for up to five hours, and if you’re listening at home or near an outlet, you can plug it in so you don’t need to worry about running down the battery. The Onyx Studio 2 also features a microphone for incoming calls so you can take care of business and resume listening with the press of a button.


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Rhymes & Deals: The Products Referenced In ScHoolboy Q's 'Blank Face LP'

ScHoolboy Q's new record, Blank Face LP, lyrically illustrates his gang banging past and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, including references to film characters, sneakers, hats, and even Pringles.

On "Black THougHts," possibly the best representation of a prayer for peace between gangs on the record, ScHoolboy pleads to stop the violence of gang culture. "We all need each other" is his message and storied rise out of poverty. Q states just how opposing gang members can help each other succeed, speaking to the fact that his label CEO, Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith who's a Blood, saw the talent in the 29-year-old by signing him to the roster.  It took a Blood to get me Pringle chips," he raps.

While there's a ton of film references and car brands to fill a dealership, we broke down the pop culture and fashion mentions that were discovered throughout the soundscape.

Houston Astros Hat - Mentioned in "Tookie Knows II" "A young n**** back on Fig, H-Crown on wig"

"Fig," is shortened for Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, Calif., while an "H-Crown" is the Houston Astros logo. The Hoover Gangster Crips, the gang that ScHoolboy Q reps, are part of the reasoning behind why the "H's" are always capitalized in his song titles. Given that the hat has taken on a new meaning for a few people, it's still a classic hat nonetheless.

[amz_item itemid="B00A0XVCVS"]

FL Studio: Music Production Software - Mentioned in "Tookie Knows II" "PC, get the Fruit Loops"

FL Studio, nicknamed "Fruity Loops," is a music production software much like Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton Live. Famous hip-hop/rap producers such as Hit-Boy have used the software to produce songs like Kanye West & Jay-Z's "N****s in Paris." Unlike the $599 Pro Tools or Ableton Live price tags, FL Studio is popular among beginner producers since it's only under $200.

[amz_item itemid="B00WARLG8G"]

Eddie Kane / The Five Heartbeats - Mentioned in "Groovy Tony/Eddie Kane"

As the name of the track, Eddie Kane was a character from the film The Five Heartbeats, which was loosely based on the real life artists. In the film, Kane, the lead singer of the group, loses his fame and acclaim to drugs and personal demons, only later to overcome them. ScHoolboy Q is saying that his life is as cinematic as Kane's from the film.

[amz_item itemid="B01BPSU618"] Dolemite - Mentioned in "Ride Out" "I think I'm Dolemite" 

The title character of several blaxploitation films from the 70s, Dolemite talked in rhyme, could get any girl he wanted, and whoop anyone's a**. ScHoolboy Q thinks he's as strong, seductive, and cool as Dolemite.

[amz_item itemid="B003WKA88E"]

Converse Sneakers & Hi-Tops - Mentioned in "JoHn Muir," "Big Body," and "Tookie Knows II" "Tryna get the J's, blue Chucks sick as flu" "Steppin in my big blue Chucks, Groovy Q they all wanna f***" "N**** I'm blue'd up, blue Chucks / Blue tee, nigga I keep it G" - Traffic in "Tookie Knows II"

The longstanding Chuck Taylor sneakers remains a recurring item over the course of Q's lyrical prowess, sporting the blue-toned kicks whenever he journeys throughout his Hoover Street neighborhood.

[amz_item itemid="B011JIL4X8"]

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