Nick Cannon’s NCredible1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Supply Quality Sound At A Fair Price Point


Nick Cannon teamed up with RadioShack to launch the brand new NCredible headphone line. The sleek wireless over-the-ear headphone features a microphone, on-ear controls and a “modern sound.”

The stylish headphones retail for $129 and come in red and matte black colorways. They are just the first product in what is expected to be an extensive line of products. RadioShack has additional headphones in store for the line, music creation products for DJs, and devices to help artists foster music more efficiently.

CREDIT: NCredible

Cannon took on the Chief Creative Officer role for the company in December before the February launch of the headphones this year. The company delivers a quality product at a fair price point compared to its competitors in the industry. The headphones can be purchased on Amazon below.

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The package includes a plethora of items to maximize your music listening experience. The protective carry case includes a 3.5 mm audio cable, 6.3 mm audio plug, and a charging USB cable for bluetooth use. The wireless system works with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops and mp3 players up to a 30 foot range, which is bests the range of its competitors.

NCredible1s pride themselves on their strong battery of 15 hours of listening time and a recharging time of less than two hours. The ear-cup features convenient and easy to use controls with standard play, pause, volume control buttons where you can even answer calls.

Nick Cannon says the timing is right, “Now as a member of the RadioShack family, I have taken years of experience as an artist to create the ultimate, best sounding and most comfortable headphones.”

Vibe’s Take:

Sonically, the NCredible1 brings it on the acoustics with lushes sounds that otherwise couldn’t be heard with standard earbuds, allowing you to block out any outside noise. The Bluetooth capabilities make the headphones versatile, and at a fair price point the NCredble1 goes above and beyond what you would expect production wise. The sleek design features padding running along the top of the crown so your cranium is essentially on a pillow. The only minor complaint I have is the comfort around my ears. Granted we all have different shaped ears, but I had the thick earbuds on for over an hour my ears began to hurt a bit, forcing me to remove the headphones for while. However, this definitely won’t be the case for all users. They are definitely worth the money — and some.

Overall Grade: 8/10