Oklahoma Police Under Investigation After Pepper Spraying An 84-Year-Old


Muskogee, Okla police are being investigated for pepper-spraying an 84-year-old grandmother as they were searching for her grandson. Relatives of Geneva Smith say they want an apology from the department because their handling of the case landed Smith in the hospital.

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According to Fox 23, the incident occurred last week when law enforcement was looking for Smith’s grandson who was later found in his home. Per dash cam footage that was released by the department, Smith came out to see what the commotion was about. One of the five police officers then asked her turn around, when she refused she was then pepper-sprayed.

Muskogee Police Chief Rex Eskridge said the investigation is on going and the dash-cam footage was released to the public to showcase full transparency. “This is a very important issue,” said Eskridge to Fox 23. “There is a lot of missing information out there. There is a lot of prejudgment out there and a lot of concern.”

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Watch the disturbing video below.