Former Olympian Reunites With Little Girl Who Found His Stolen Gold Medal


Olympic canoe racer Joe Jacobi won a gold medal for white water canoe slalom at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, but unfortunately, he lost it back in June after it was stolen out of his car by a thief while he and his family were out to dinner.

Luckily, a sweet seven-year-old named Chloe Smith found and returned the priceless piece of the athlete’s hard work to its rightful owner. She found it in a pile of trash while out on a walk with her father earlier this summer.

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Now, Jacobi is giving back to the helpful young lady and keeping his promise. He visited her and her first grade class at Woodson Park Academy in Atlanta as a ‘thank you’ to Miss Smith.

“It’s the idea of choosing to do the right thing, and so Chloe, I thank you for good character and doing the right thing,” Jacobi said to the class, as he taught them lessons about character, and why Chloe is a strong role model.

“And to her parents and her family, I thank you guys,” he continued.

“I think sometimes we don’t give a 7-year-old child enough credit for the choices they can make and the influence and power of one choice on an entire community,” he told WSB-TV in Atlanta.

Amazing job, Chloe!

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