Plies Thinks A Spades Tournament Should Be Added To The 2020 Olympics Games


Our dearly beloved Plies, who has garnered a a loyal following due to his unabashed commentary on social media, has just suggested the Olympic committee add a Spades tournament to the 2020 games. And just so we’re all on the same page, Plies is very serious.

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“Y’all got categories for every m***********g thing in the Olympics. I seen a m*********r this morning playing beach volleyball. I’m talking about the m***********g beach in the sand you can win you a m***********g gold medal if you and your partner that m***********g dope,” Plies said. “Ima tell you right now Olympic committee, 2020, the next time that  m*********r come right back round, y’all need to add a m***********g Spades tournament.”

An argument can be made in defense of Plies suggestion, as Spades requires strategy, teamwork and an eagle eye for those who attempt to renege. However, playing Spades doesn’t require one to maintain a healthy diet or to work out rigorously for years on end.

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But hey, it’s 2016. Anything is possible.