“Help Me” The 18 Best Lines From Episode 305 Of ‘Power’


After two seasons of Holly’s annoyance, short-sightedness and pure stupidity, fans finally get their wish in Power episode 305 “Help Me,” yet Holly’s demise—as passionate, intense and intimate as it is– wasn’t as sweet or as ticklish as what some hoped or believed.

While Tommy wonders if Lobos tried to have him killed, Ghost learns Ruiz is in federal custody and may snitch on the entire New York drug syndicate. Yet all of that seems inconsequential when he comes face-to-face with his would-be assassins, the hitmen Holly hired, while with Tariq.

The pace is faster, the stakes are higher and the risks are much greater. Courtney A Kemp and the rest of the Power writers team did not come to play with you h*es. Check out the 18 best lines from Power, episode 305 “Help Me.”

1.”It don’t track that he wanna cut off his money.” Tommy

While Tommy nurses his wounds he still can’t figure out why Lobos would have him killed. Potentially disrupting his money doesn’t add up to Tommy leaving him to believe the hit on his life didn’t come from the obvious source.

2. “We have to save ourselves.” Holly 

Holly is tired of Tommy’s stalling and is trying her best to convince him they’ll never be safe as long as Ghost is alive. Yet despite her pleas, she senses the tide is turning, and Tommy’s disdain towards Ghost is fading.

3. “There’s just so many obstacles between us.” Angela

The sparkle that was in their love affair is beginning to fade as Angela  contemplates all that has transpired. Between the rocky dinner with Paz and Tariq getting suspended from school, Angela wonders if their relationship will survive.

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4. “In these moments I ask myself who am I going to kill first?” Lobos

Sandoval informs Lobos Ruiz is in federal custody and might snitch. Lobos instructs Sandoval to kill Ruiz, but Sandoval can’t have another high-level informant die on his watch. Lobos doesn’t care about protocol and threatens to have Sandoval or his daughter killed.

5. “What does Tasha know?” Proctor

Ghost wants to do right by Angela and instructs Proctor to draw up the paper work for a legal separation from Tasha. Proctor wonders why not get divorce and then questions what does Tasha know that’s keeping Ghost tied to their dead marriage.

6. “Nothing’s the same with him anymore. It’s just different. He’s different.” Tariq St. Patrick

Tasha tells Tariq instead of going to see the therapist he’s spending the day with his dad. Tariq isn’t interested and would much rather be alone because in his eyes, his dad isn’t the same.

7. “Places. product and names.” Knox

Knox convinces the task force to switch strategy midstream and see if they can get Ruiz to rat out Lobos’ entire network. Angela tries to push back and asks the team to stay on course, but Knox wants to Ghost to go down, and will do anything to get it done.

8. “I didn’t have a f**king choice, the mortgage is past due.” Kate Egan

Katie Egan comes by when she realizes Tommy neglected to pay the mortgage. Tommy tries to get his colorful mom to leave but after seeing Holly (who she refers to as Hailey) she decides to stay for a while and do a couple of lines with her son.

9. “What the f*ck!” Proctor

For safety precautions, the federal building gets cleared out as Ruiz walks in. Proctor slips the guard some money and asks that he hold the elevator door, which allows Proctor to see Ruiz along with Angela.

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10. “I didn’t want her to grow up the way I grew up or your pops.” Dre

Tariq spends the day at the bar with his father and is tasked with helping Dre stock the bar. The two begin to chat and Dre reveals Ghost was hurt when he learned about Shawn, and also expressed his love for his own daughter and the life he hopes to give her.

11.”You give me the identity of Ghost, and you get the deal and you and I will never have to see each other again.” Knox

Knox is pulling out all the stops to get Ruiz to identify James St. Patrick as Ghost. He tells Ruiz if he doesn’t, they have him on tape ordering the hit on his daughter’s boyfriend, Nomar, which carries the death penalty as sentence.

12. “Like, what kind of father does that?” Tariq St. Patrick

Tariq finally tells Ghost his actions–moving out, forcing him and his sisters to meet Angela, not explaining what happened between he and his mother–is the reason for his behavior.

13. “Angela, I really don’t want to but if I have to I’ll fix it myself. ” Ghost

Angela meets Ghost at the club and advises he gets a lawyer, but she soon learns Ghost already knows about Ruiz. Ghost tells Angela he wants to do the right thing, but if he has to, he’ll “fix” the problem himself.

14. “This place is real nice. You didn’t have sh*t when I met you, boy.” Kanan

After just singing his daughter’s praises, Dre comes home to find Kanan with his daughter. Struck with shock and undeniable fear, Kanan spares his daughter’s life and tells Dre to be ready as he puts his plan in place.

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15. “You’re still a Soldado.” Angela

Angela will do whatever to protect Ghost. During a private conversation Angela reminds Ruiz he’s still a member of the Soldado Nation and reminds him the only reason he’s still alive is because Ghost saved him, so he must return the favor.

16. “Of course I do, he’s as much my son as you are.” Kate Egan

Katie has worn out her welcome and Tommy is about to drive her to the train, but before she leaves he asks if she believes Ghost is as loyal as she claims, and while Katie Egan may not be the best mother in the world, her words helped Tommy put the missing pieces together about the hit the night before.

17. “No.” Ruiz

As Ruiz gives up Lobos and his connection to him he’s asked if he knows what Ghost’s real name is and in a simple response, shuts down Knox’s entire plan.

18. “Together.” Tommy

After Tommy realizes it was Ghost who killed the Koreans the night he got shot, Holly confesses to Tommy she hired the Jamaicans to kill Ghost. The two get into a heated argument with Tommy choking Holly to death. Ghost narrowly avoids death and goes to Tommy’s house to realize what took place. While in the car the two devise a plan to bring down the one man that tore them a part: Lobos.