The 16 Best Lines For 'Power's' Episode 306 "The Right Decision"

Ghost rids himself of Lobos, only to learn a more a lethal adversary has been right under his nose the entire time. 

Ghost and Tommy are back on the same side and now must devise a plan to kill their former boss and distributor Lobos, in Power, episode 6, "The Right Decision." Tommy is still hurt after killing Holly, but gets his head back in the game to rid himself of the man at the root of his problems.

Back at the task force, Angela, Knox and Sandoval can see the finish line in the distance as they coordinate Lobos' transfer. No one suspects Sandoval is the rat, and as the put their plan in place, Sandoval contacts his connect on the outside unaware Tommy and Ghost have crafted a plan of their own.

Ghost and Tommy put one bed to problem, only to realize they have another just around the corner. Check out the 18 best lines from Power's episode six, "The Right Decision"

1) "C'mon let's get you cleaned up. I'll put a pot of coffee on. We got work to do. C'mon buddy." Ghost

After Ghost helped bury Holly's body, he leaves Angela's apartment to find Tommy slept in his car. He takes his visibly shaken friend  back to his house as the two begin to strategize a plan on how to kill Lobos.

2) "If we're doing this lowkey, I need men I can trust on the ground...Agent Knox, get your men ready. I want you to run point." Agent Donovan

Agent Donovan, Sandoval and Knox are figuring out a plan to successfully transfer Lobos. Donovan doesn't trust the strategy put in place and asks Knox to oversee the entire operation.

3) "Where the hell is Holly? I've been texting your girl all morning." Tasha

As Tommy and Ghost think of a strategy, Tasha comes by inquiring about Holly's whereabouts only to find Ghost enjoying a cup of coffee. Tasha grows suspicious because just 24 hours ago, the two weren't speaking and now they're best friends.

4) Well, I had a hunch and it paid off. You and your son are alive because of it." Dean

Back at Club Truth, Ghost thanks Dean for saving him from an assassination attempt, but then tells Dean he'll no longer need him to follow him. Dean finds the new instructions strange being as though had he not followed Ghost, he would've been dead.

5) What happened they break up? She told him about the baby. He f**ked it up, right? That's why he called you." Tasha.

Ghost and Tommy are back on the same team as they piece together their plan for Lobos. While at Tasha's house, she questions why Holly isn't responding to her text messages and reveals Holly was pregnant, which leaves Ghost stunned.

6) "Can you massage my calves?" Lobos

The day has finally come to transfer Lobos. After Knox loads the eccentric drug lord into the back of a police van, Lobos--who doesn't have a care in the world--isn't worried about his fate and cavalierly asks Agent Knox to massage his calves. Knox however is all business and isn't thrown off by Lobos' distractions.

8) "Just checking in. Did you get there safe and sound?" Angela

As Angela and the rest of the task force sit inside the office overseeing the transport, Hugo, Tommy and the rest of Lobos' men seize the fan. Commotion and gun fire can be heard through police radio and Angela's initial concern is for Knox, but then she also questions Jamie's whereabouts. She texts him out of longing and also to ensure he isn't behind Lobos' prison break.

9) "Killing me doesn't save you. God doesn't take men like us peacefully." Lobos

After Ghost put a bullet in Hugo's head, Tommy and Ghost drive Lobos to an undisclosed location with a grave already dug for him. Lobos isn't afraid of death, and warns Ghost that killing him won't solve his problems and warns that he may one day see a similar fate.

10) "We take him somewhere else and we Bin Laden his a**. We toss him in the river and he's gone forever." Tommy

While hatching the plan at Tasha's house, Ghost and Tommy agree no phones to avoid being tracked. However, they failed to check Lobos who received a call from Sandoval on his burner phone when he didn't arrive at the designated check point. Tommy smashes the phone and Sandoval calls in a favor to ask for a cell tower trace. Tommy grows paranoid and suggests they move Lobos elsewhere to avoid getting caught.

11) "And about Holly, I'm sorry man." Ghost 

After killing Lobos, Ghost and Tommy change clothes. Ghost tells Tommy they're finally free and they can move on with their lives. Tommy however isn't feeling so relieved and is still resentful of Ghost who he believes started the entire series of events which led to Holly's death. Sensing his disconnect, Ghost offers his condolences, but Tommy could care less.

12) "You ready to lose half, because I'm ready to take it all." Tasha

Back at the suite, Tasha calls for a shoe shine and find the separation papers he asked Proctor to get for him. Tasha looks at the paperwork as just another sign of Ghost's selfishness.

13) Hey, I brought you your ring." Tommy

Tommy is still hurt over killing Holly. After killing Lobos, Tommy goes back to where Ghost buried her to give her his mother's ring.

14) "You finally killed Lobos." Milan

While in Ghost's office, Ghost attempts to fire Dean. He's exhibits typical Ghost hubris and tells the man who saved his life he doesn't have to explain why he no longer needs his services. Dean reveals himself as Milan and learns the entire time he was chasing Lobos, the real villain was right under his nose. Dean is really Milan, a drug dealer who eats people, and is seeking revenge because of his old product Ghost and Tommy left up to the feds.

15) "We just took out one sicko yesterday, I'm not emotionally prepared to work for another psychopath." Tommy

Ghost tells Tommy Milan wants his product back and the two must get back to work. Tommy hasn't had the time to mentally process all that's transpired with Holly and Lobos and tells Ghost it's just too much for him to handle.

16) Angela, do you really trust your 15 year old self to make decisions for the rest of your life?  Ghost.

Tommy convinces Ghost that Angela is his weakness and that if he doesn't kill her Milan will. Ghost can't kill Angela, but does the next best thing and instead breaks up with her, citing he let his 15 year old self  got carried away. Ghost did it to protect her, but knew he was hurting the woman he loved.

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