‘Power Recap’ The 12 Best Lines From Episode 7 “Don’t Go”

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Ghost doesn’t spend much time wallowing in the hurt he’s caused by ending his relationship with Angela, instead he must craft a plan to rid himself of his new relationship with Milan. In episode 7 of Power titled “Don’t Go” Ghost soon realizes Milan is unlike any other nemesis he’s faced in the past, and chooses to do his bidding for the sake of his well being and that of his family. Tommy however is still heart broken over Holly and is disgusted with himself for causing her death, which sends him even further into a dark emotional tail spin with nothing to lose.

Back at the station, Valdes, Knox and Sandoval are being interrogated by internal affairs for the botched Lobos transfer. MJ, the lead agent isn’t sure which one member of the Lobos task force is responsible for the leak, but all roads point to Valdes and her shaky past, instead of Sandoval.

And while Ghost must get a handle on Milan, Kanan is laying down the groundwork for his revenge. Check out the best lines from Power, episode seven “Don’t Go.”

1.”No one else will ever know me like that…I’ll never let them.” Angela.

As Angela cries on her sister’s shoulder over her break up with Ghost, Paz tries to comfort her by telling her she’ll find a new guy in no time, but Angela doesn’t want a new guy, she wants Ghost.

2.”Someone in this building was involved in the Lobos escape and the only people with relevant information were on this task force.MJ

An internal affairs unit has been called to investigate how Lobos’ transfer resulted in his death, and while Sandoval, Knox and Valdes all allege to have no idea where the leak came from, MJ is certain the mole is one of them.

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3. “I ain’t working with that Tony The Tiger looking motherf***ker.” Tommy

Tommy and Julio arrive at Club Truth to talk about their next move with Milan. It’s also the first time Dre and Tommy see one another after Dre placed a gun to Tommy’s head. Dre tries to explain he was just doing what he had to do, but Tommy makes it abundantly clear he’s doesn’t trust Dre.

4.”Motherf***er Googled the sh*t out of you.” Tommy

Tommy isn’t aware–or doesn’t care–about the severity of the Milan situation and isn’t phased at the fact that he eats people, which is made apparent by how Tommy continues to speak out of turn while Milan gives instructions on how he wants his product sold.

5. “I don’t care what the Serbian Hannibal Lecter says, Ghost, you ain’t my f**king boss. I been running things since you left. I’ll handle this my own way.” Tommy

Milan tells Tommy to kill Father Callahan because he sells guns and Milan isn’t in the business of guns. Ghost agrees, trying to gain a grasp on Milan. However, Tommy isn’t just going to roll over and take it and decides that he’s going to handle his portion of the business his way.

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6. “Look, I’ll call you, man. I’ll call you!” Dre

Kanan is keeping watch on Ghost and backs Dre into a corner after realizing Ghost and Tommy are working together. Using Dre as his eyes and ears, Dre tells him something new is brewing that he isn’t privileged to just yet, but promises once he knows he’ll call.

7. “I know this means a lot to you James, get the money.” Karen Bassett

Because of his unexpected snafu with Milan, Ghost had to pay Milan the money he intended on using to give to Karen Bassett’s father. Horacio Bassett isn’t pleased with the last minute delay of funds and determines Ghost isn’t financially prepared to play with the big boys.

8. “Thought you would’ve been cool but you flipped out right? Now she’s out there, alone, pregnant with your child. She’s probably half way to Ohio by now. ” Tasha.

Tasha assumes Holly has ran off to Ohio, which is why she isn’t returning any of her calls. Upset at herself and for what she thinks Tommy did, she tells Tommy Holly was pregnant, which makes his heartbreak spiral even more out of control.

9.”Valdes didn’t break the law, Knox. She just broke your heart.” MJ

Back at the station, the internal affairs unit is still trying to figure out who the mole is. MJ can sense Knox has a real axe to grind with Valdes but realizes it’s more heartbreak on Knox’s fault, rather than what Valdes actually did.

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10. “How much do you know about Angela’s relationship with James St. Patrick?” Sandoval

In one breath Sandoval says he’s unwilling to throw any of his men under the bus, but when MJ puts the screws to him, he then turns the suspicion on Angela Valdes, despite him being the mole.

11. “You got duped again, sweetie. Love will do that to you.” MJ

All roads lead to Angela, who in the past hasn’t always followed protocol, which at this point is working against her. Playing off her relationship with James St. Patrick the Internal Affairs unit lead officer tells her being in love is what caused her to mess up.

12. “I’m in your home, with your family, that is risk.”Milan

Ghost attempted to rid himself of Milan by reporting one of his waitresses missing. The move proved to backfire when Milan and the alleged missing waitress showed up at his house unexpectedly for dinner one night, proving Milan is far more dangerous than any nemesis he’s ever come across.