‘Power’ Sneak Peak: Holly Offers Tommy A Solution For Killing Ghost


Power fans were thrown for a loop Sunday night when they learned Holly (played by Lucy Walters) is pregnant. The news came as a shock since Tommy and Holly are responsible adults and have always taken extra precautions to have safe sex. (Not!)

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Although Holly hasn’t told Tommy she’s pregnant, their unborn child–on top of Ghost’s lies, and sending Holly away–is more than enough motivation in Holly’s eyes for Ghost to die. In the sneak peek clip from episode 304 “Don’t Worry, Baby” Holly continues to push Tommy to carry out Lobos’ orders.

“Maybe you could hire somebody?” Holly says as she kisses Tommy’s cheek. “I don’t know. It might make things a little easier you know.”

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Holly’s charm and back rubs don’t seem to work. As Tommy gets dressed, he reminds her killing Ghost is a direct order from Lobos.

“Last time we outsourced to the Jamaicans. Sh*t didn’t go over well. Besides, Lobos told me to do it,” Tommy said.

Holly may not be a favorite among fans, (there was universal disappointment online when her pregnancy was revealed because it meant she’d be around at least for another nine months) but the mom-to-be now has a baby to think of, which means eliminating anyone or anything that may harm that child, and that danger is Ghost.

Check out Holly demonstrate her powers of persuasion below.