Premiere: Ripp Flamez Aspires To Be The Face Of His Hometown “Forever” (Video)

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Rising lyricist Ripp Flamez aims to gain command of his hometown Cleveland, Ohio in his latest visuals for “Forever.” In the intro track to his recent mixtape DayOne Forever, Ripp delivers a gritty video shot after dark in the dismal streets surrounding his block. With his boys by his side, Ripp roams his neighborhood as flashes of light from atop numerous police cars shine brightly on every corner.

“This video is significant because in my hometown of Cleveland you can’t hang outside like that,” Ripp said about the video in an email. “Maybe back in the day you could hang but now you gotta stay out the way. The video shows me and my squad just being who we are. We chill, we talk, we’re an intimate group. We stay off the phone, we try to deal with real life when we’re with each other, not the internet. These are my closest friends. This is just how we are.”

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“Forever” does well to demonstrate Ripp’s consistency to stay true to his moody brand of rap infused melodies. The video comes as the follow-up to his previously released clips for stand-out records from DayOne Forever like “LeBron Flamez” and “Shine Light.”

Watch the worldwide premiere of Ripp Flamez’ new video “Forever” below.