Religiously Lit: Marques Houston Announces Baptism


Marques Houston has shared his journey with the big homie for his fans to see on social media, but over the weekend the singer-actor made a concrete commitment to God with an official baptism.

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On Saturday (Aug 13), Houston attended the annual “Remain Loyal To Jehovah Convention.” In addition to sharing photos of his wife and closest family members enjoying different panels, the singer along with his niece and nephew got baptized. “I can not even put into words the feeling/emotions and overwhelming joy running through my mind,” he said via Instagram. “This is only the first step and I look forward to where life is gonna take me now that I have Jehovah behind the wheel.”¬†

Houston began his career in the industry with the group Immature in the 90’s. In addition to providing jams to school dances, he also played Roger Evans on the classic sitcom, Sister Sister. He went on to have a solo career in the mid-2000’s with the hits “Naked” and “Circle.” He also recently starred in the TVOne romantic comedy Will To Love.

Despite his various film roles and commitment to the most high, the singer is also working on his upcoming album. Check out more touching moments from his baptism below.

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