Santigold Plays Puppeteer In Her “Banshee” Video


After releasing the visuals to “Who Be Loving Me” and “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself”, Santigold drops the third video from her album, 99¢.

“Banshee” features some amazing shadow puppets by contemporary artist and painter, Kara Walker. Santi keeps things eclectic as usual as she grooves with shadow puppets and colorful lights after a striking opening with a panhandler holding a sign that reads: “will work for blood.” There’s plenty of symbolism to be found in this video.

Walker and Santigold also give us a pretty kooky and ridiculous puppet show. Even a slinky crocodile gets in on the action. The entire video is brimming with top notch creativity as Santigold delivers one of her most outlandish videos yet.

In an interview with the New York Times, Walker says these puppets are a more of a pleasant sight than her previous work.

“I have made shadow puppet videos before, but I’ve never made a puppet that was a portrait of someone (besides myself),” she says. “It’s been a few years now, but the last video I made shows one puppet being tortured and set on fire — so this video is a bit more cheerful.”
Check out the video below.