Snoop Dogg & Elliott Wilson Shared The #CRWN In NYC


Snoop Dogg sat down with one of hip-hop’s premiere journalists, Elliot Wilson, on Monday (August 8) for the latest installment of his #CRWN interview series. Held at New York City’s Highline Ballroom, the OG rapper and the OG writer talked it up about a number of topics — which included politics, his latest album, and of course Snoop’s favorite: sticky green.

The LBC veteran gave lengthy and detailed responses for each question, even when touchy subjects such as his relationship with Suge Knight was put on the table. Snoop kept his signature calm and laid back demeanor as he gave his opinions on almost everything in front of the intimate crowd.

Surprisingly, he relished in the opportunity to talk specifically about politics. “I don’t represent the Democratic party or the Republican party. I represent the Gangsta party,” Snoop told Elliott.

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As the conversation proceeded, Snoop also spoke on his current place in the rap game — and how happy he is about how his career has turned out. He loves being what he calls “Uncle Snoop” to all the young artists today. “The music is the starting point. I stay in my position, I know who I am. I’m Uncle Snoop,” Snoop said with a grin.

One of the most memorable tales he told was about the first time Dr. Dre heard his 2004 chart topping hit “Drop It Like Its Hot.”

“You know when I knew that motherf**ker was hot? I don’t ever play my s**t for Dr. Dre cuz Dr. Dre don’t like s–t. This n—a don’t like nothing. So after we make the motherf**ker, Pharrell knows it’s a hit,” Snoop told Elliott. “He’s like, ‘N*gga, this motherf**ker’s a hit!’

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My personal favorite moment was when the Doggfather talked about recording “California Roll” — off his collaborative album with Pharrell, Bush. He explained how he recruited Stevie Wonder for that track thirty minutes before recording it. Pharrell apparently caught a contact high — andd got a bit nervous when Stevie went stepped into the booth. He didn’t know what to tell him to do, and that’s when Snoop intervened. “I hit the button and told Stevie, ‘sing whatever the fuck you want to sing’.”