Freak Accident: Railing Collapses At Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa Concert Leaving Dozens Injured


Friday night (Aug. 5), during Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg’s performance at BB&T Pavilion, one of two New Jersey stops on their The High Road Tour, a railing separating the crowd from the stage area gave way and sent a sea of fans crashing one on top of the other.

“People started piling on top of each other and just started running,” Katie Colbridge told NBC. She watched the incident happen from an adjacent crowd section at the concert. “All you see were tears going down their face. You could see friends holding on to each other, like clenching, like making sure that all their people were there.”

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Once Snoop and Wiz realized what happened, they cut the music. The two rappers were ushered off the stage and security immediately went to work trying to calm the chaos and help the injured.

Friday night’s concert ended after the random and frightening incident.

Watch the video below.