Son Of Korryn Gaines Recounts The Fatal Shooting Of His Mother


As many try to put together the pieces of the shooting involving Korryn Gaines on Monday (August 1), the family has released a video of Gaines’ son recalling the events that lead to his mother’s death. The 23-year-old was shot by Baltimore police officers during a lengthy standoff as they tried to issue her a warrant.

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In a series of Instagram videos that were posted by a family member, Kodi explains wasn’t held hostage by his mother. He also says the police shot him after he and his mother were running away from the police in the apartment. Previous reports claimed the police didn’t break into the home, but Kodi recalls officers kicking the front door open. The videos were made private and later shared by activists and supporters.

Kodi was shot in the arm during the incident and is currently recovering at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital. The death of Gaines has opened up several conversations that stand outside of the Black Lives Matter movement such as mental health. In March, family members claimed she suffered a miscarriage during another encounter with the police leading to her defensive nature towards the officers on Monday. Gaines also reportedly suffered from lead poising, which results in irrational thinking.

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