Utah Subway Employee Accused Of Spiking Police Officer’s Drink With Meth


A police sergeant in Layton, Utah, was admitted to the hospital this past Monday (Aug. 8), after discovering his lunch came with a side of methamphetamine.

The unidentified police sergeant visited a local Subway restaurant Monday afternoon for lunch. While driving back to the station, he reportedly took a sip of his drink and, tasting foreign chemicals, could tell something was off. He also found that he’s lost full control of his limbs after he was unable to put his foot on the brake at a red light. He was fortunate enough to make it back to the police station safely, but was taken to the hospital to assess the issue.

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The sergeant’s drink later tested positive for methamphetamine and THC, and thanks to surveillance footage from the restaurant a suspect has been arrested.

Tanis Lloyd Ukena, an 18-year-old Subway employee, is reportedly seen on the surveillance footage making the officer’s drink, walking away, coming back with something in his hand, and then hovering over the officer’s drink for an extended period of time.

Subway spokesman Shawn Cook released a statement on the company’s behalf.

“We are shocked by these charges,” it reads. “Our thoughts are with the Sergeant and his family and we are hoping for a quick recovery. The restaurant owners are working closely with the police in their investigation and will take appropriate action.”

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