Swizz Beatz Addresses Controversial “No Bronx Artists” Art Fair


Swizz Beatz has received a lot of flack lately due to the upcoming No Commission Art Fair he’s set to host with Bacardi Aug. 11-14, 2016. The fair will take place in the Port Morris neighborhood of the Bronx at one of Rubenstein’s Properties. Inhabitants of the Bronx have criticized the recording artist for choosing a gentrified area of the borough, as well as the fact that only one Bronx-bred artist has been chosen to present their work.

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On Tuesday (Aug. 9), the creator of Welcome 2 The Bronx, Ed García Conde, published an article about a conversation he had with Swizz, and the two seem to have found clarity on the subject. According to Conde, Swizz Beatz, also a Boogie Down native, never meant to exclude or insult anyone. “I wanted to bring something special for the people of the Bronx which is why the event is free, something that anyone can enjoy and have asked for,” he said.

The hip-hop producer explained that there was a push for the event to happen in Brooklyn, another culturally-significant borough, taking on a gentrified identity more and more each day. “I’m not from Brooklyn,” Swizz added, “I’m from The Bronx and that’s where I want this event to take place.”

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Conde seemed pleased with the Swizz’s willingness to listen and move forward. The two are reportedly collaborating on a future event that will highlight Bronx artists and take place in a more central location for everyone.