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Taylor Bennett Just Earned A Slew Of Fans With His '10 Fingers Of Death' Sway Freestyle

Talk about show and prove.

Taylor Bennett told you he was coming with that heat this year, and his latest round of New York press stops and performances have been the proof in the pudding. During a very packed July, the buzzing Chicago wordsmith made his Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival debut and sold out his first headlining show at SOBs. Another monumental moment came soon after when he earned a fan in Sway Calloway.

After chopping it up about his older brother Chance the Rapper, his Broad Shoulders project and more, Tay wowed the Sway's Universe staff with his off-top rhymes, becoming the first rapper on the show to complete the "10 Fingers of Death." As the beat switched at least 10 times beneath his freestyles, so did his flows (and nimbly, at that). The legendary moment left Sway at a loss for words.

"First of all, you whack motherf**kers—I've been telling you this for a long time, for five years straight on SiriusXM and for 25 years on Sway & Tech—I despise you," Sway said. "You're destroying the game with your whack raps. It's not fair. And then, from behind the curtain, out of nowhere... we got Taylor Bennett. That was the first 10 Fingers of Death we've ever done, ladies and gentlemen. I couldn't really even talk my sh** because I'm totally blown away by what we just witnessed."

The praise kept rolling in from the rest of the staff, but Taylor attributed his salute-worthy real rap moment to only one thing. "I could say it's just the practice and I've been rapping since I was a kid," he began. "That was God. I don't own my gift. It's not in my hands. Before I came up here, I prayed."

Check out the freestyle for yourself.

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Keri Hilson Says New Music Is Coming Summer 2019

Keri Hilson is making a comeback. After a lengthy hiatus, the singer announced that she will be releasing new music this summer 2019.

Hilson shared the exciting news with her fans on Instagram on Sunday (Mar. 24). "Today marks 10 years since the release of my first studio album, 'In A Perfect World,'" she wrote in the caption of a photo herself. "I didn’t mean to be gone so long, I only needed my real world to be perfect...It is now. Thank you for your patience. The wait is over. I’m ready. Summer 2019."

It's definitely been a long time coming for Keri. In Feb. 2019, the singer explained her absence from the music scene, attributing it to mental health concerns. "I've lost some pivotal characters in the process of stepping away for my wellbeing," she said at the time. "Though I was prepared for the possibility that some wouldn't understand or lose faith in me as an artist while I dealt with the trials of my life, it still hurts. But I accept the fact that some relationships have just run their course."

It's unclear whether Hilson will be coming out with a single or a full LP at this time. Stay tuned for more announcements in the months to come.


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Today marks 10 years since the release of my first studio album, “In A Perfect World...” I didn’t mean to be gone so long, I only needed my real world to be perfect...it is now. Thank you for your patience. The wait is over. I’m ready. Summer 2019.

A post shared by keri hilson (@kerihilson) on Mar 24, 2019 at 3:21pm PDT

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Dr. Dre Promptly Deletes IG Post Bragging About Daughter's USC Admission

Dr. Dre thought he was sharing a "Proud Dad" moment on Instagram when he posted about his daughter getting accepted into the University of Southern California, but instead, he wound up the center of social media attack.

The tech mogul's deleted post reportedly bragged about his daughter Truly Young being admitted to the university "on her own," which was a subtle joke referencing the alleged college admissions bribery scandal. "My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own," he joked. "No jail time!!!"

The college admissions bribery scandal accused a number of parents of paying more than $25 million to a fake college admissions counselor to bribe college officials and inflate test scores.

While Dr. Dre was not one of the parents named in the court case, fans reminded him that he donated a whopping $70 million to USC. The donation was made in partnership with producer Jimmy Iovine in 2013 to create the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation.

Dr. may have deleted the post, but the damage was already done. Check out a screenshot of his post below.

Dr. Dre on Instagram: “My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own. No jail time!!!” pic.twitter.com/sU6sLIZdfQ

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) March 24, 2019

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Scott Olson

Dubai Denies R. Kelly Was Ever Scheduled To Perform For Royal Family

R. Kelly tried to escape to a foreign country, and he would've gotten away with it if it weren't for Dubai's government.

United Arab Emirates officials are reportedly denying that the disgraced singer was scheduled to perform and meet the royal family in Dubai after Kelly asked a judge for permission to travel out of the country while he's facing sexual abuse charges, the Associated Press reports.

"Authorities in Dubai have not received any request for a performance by singer R. Kelly nor are there any venues that have been booked," the statement issued from the Dubai Media Office on Sunday (Mar. 24), reads. It was also noted that Kelly "has not been invited by the Dubai royal family for a performance."

R. Kelly's lawyer, Steven A. Greenberg, is telling a different story, however. "Mr. Kelly had a signed contract with a legitimate promoter, and any information that was included in the motion to travel was from that contract," Greenberg explained in an email to AP. "We did not say he was invited by The royal family, but the contract did provide that he would make himself available to meet with them."

As you may know, R. Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse on Feb. 22. He's facing up to 70 years in prison. In court documents filed last week, Greenberg argued that the singer needed to travel abroad in order to raise money to support his three kids. "He has struggled of late to pay his child support and other child-related expenses," Greenberg stated, referencing Kelly's back child support case.

The court docs did not specify where Kelly would be performing. There were also no postings regarding Kelly's expected visit. A judge has not ruled on the request to travel, but it's likely that the government's statement will influence the final decision. So, Kelly will just have to find another way to make his money.

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