Taylor Bennett Just Earned A Slew Of Fans With His ’10 Fingers Of Death’ Sway Freestyle

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Taylor Bennett told you he was coming with that heat this year, and his latest round of New York press stops and performances have been the proof in the pudding. During a very packed July, the buzzing Chicago wordsmith made his Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival debut and sold out his first headlining show at SOBs. Another monumental moment came soon after when he earned a fan in Sway Calloway.

After chopping it up about his older brother Chance the Rapper, his Broad Shoulders project and more, Tay wowed the Sway’s Universe staff with his off-top rhymes, becoming the first rapper on the show to complete the “10 Fingers of Death.” As the beat switched at least 10 times beneath his freestyles, so did his flows (and nimbly, at that). The legendary moment left Sway at a loss for words.

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“First of all, you whack motherf**kers—I’ve been telling you this for a long time, for five years straight on SiriusXM and for 25 years on Sway & Tech—I despise you,” Sway said. “You’re destroying the game with your whack raps. It’s not fair. And then, from behind the curtain, out of nowhere… we got Taylor Bennett. That was the first 10 Fingers of Death we’ve ever done, ladies and gentlemen. I couldn’t really even talk my sh** because I’m totally blown away by what we just witnessed.”

The praise kept rolling in from the rest of the staff, but Taylor attributed his salute-worthy real rap moment to only one thing. “I could say it’s just the practice and I’ve been rapping since I was a kid,” he began. “That was God. I don’t own my gift. It’s not in my hands. Before I came up here, I prayed.”

Check out the freestyle for yourself.