Several Team USA Basketball Players Went To A Brothel In Brazil, By Mistake


A bunch of Team USA Men’s Basketball players mistakenly hit up a brothel in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, while looking for a spa on Wednesday (Aug. 3) night.

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DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus Cousins, DeMar Dorezan, and a few other players ended up at Termas Monte Carlo, according to TMZ Sports. The known brothel is touted as a “spa” online, and by employees who answer the phone.

Naturally, the Team USA ball players assumed they were visiting an actual spa but “immediately left” when they realized it “wasn’t the right place for them.”

While Brazil has been recognizing prostitution as a legal occupation since 2002, there’s still a crack down on the country’s sex industry — especially during events like the Summer Olympics, which bring in heavy tourist traffic.

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In 2012, it was reported two dozen brothels were shut down in attempts to gentrify Rio’s downtown area.