Revisiting Team USA’s Olympic Fashion History With VH1


For fans all over the world, the Olympics is a treat that only comes once every four years. So to watch their country take on their opponents in the biggest sporting frenzy is one of the biggest thrills. But it’s also like a global fashion show where countries sport their outfits with great pride.

A few members of the VH1 team sat down to highlight some of the best moments in Team USA’s fashion history. Did they come out and slay for the Olympics in the most memorable gear… that is the real question.

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“Team USA brings both the patriotism and the ratchet in their attire,” one staffer announced at the beginning of the video clip. American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, has always taken the crown when it comes to designing his nation for the Olympics. Ralph’s iconic clothing brand is known for its classic, yet timeless aesthetics. He always has the entire team twinning, and this year was nothing short of that, but VH1 employees think it’s about time they give Mr. Lauren a break.

“They always dress like a whole bunch of Donald Trumps. Like, it don’t make no sense. Am I voting for them or him.” “It looks like a legion of Donald Trumps,” another staffer added.

They also shouted out the late USA track and field Olympics queen, Florence (Flo Joe) Joyner, who rocked the flyest, most funky looks. Even her nails had the best designs, cohesive with her teams colors and gold medals.