The Weeknd Made A Hefty Donation To University Of Toronto’s Ethiopic Studies Program


It’s no secret that majority of the stars hailing from Canada have a special kind of love for their home. Toronto native, The Weeknd, has just donated $50,000 to the University of Toronto to jump start the creation of an Ethiopic Studies Program, according to the Toronto Star. If you’re thinking the Ethiopian singer just wanted to jump start a program to highlight his ancestry, there’s actually much more to the story.

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University of Toronto professor Michael Gervers, who belongs to the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies, pledged a donation of $50,000 out of his own pocket if the university and the Ethiopian community would match his efforts. The Bikla Awards organization, which aids in fostering “academic, professional and business excellence and promote volunteerism among Ethiopian-Canadians,” reached out to the “Earned It” singer who “quickly” responded to the request.

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According to the hopeful program’s website, their overall goal is to “disseminate to the larger world, through research and education, the unique contributions of the Ethiopian cultural heritage in art, literature and languages.” To donate and read more about the program’s mission, click here.

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