Theophilus London Live Tweeted From Jail And Things Got Weird


After a dispute with a New York City cab driver, Theophilus London found himself behind the jail bars with a contraband cellphone and some free time.

The ordeal started because the “Vibes” rapper only had $100 bills on him, and wanted the cab driver to give him change so he could pay his fare. According to Theo, the cab driver refused and tried to keep the $100 bill, which prompted him to smash the driver’s cellphone “into 900 pieces” and run into a nearby movie theater. The Trinidadian artist was swiftly arrested and felt the need to give fans a play-by-play of his hour as a jailbird.

Two minutes in the pen and the 29-year-old was already making friends with his fellow inmates.

He thought he looked pretty good as well.

Then he went on to share his side of the story.

In the end, all was well. Theophilus left the precinct in high spirits, and it seems he gained a few new fans.