There’s A Special ‘BUD’ Summit Happening At Capitol Hill This Month


Even though the Drug Enforcement Administration has recently ruled out a motion to loosen federal regulations on marijuana usage, cannabis advocates are heading to Washington D.C. to explore what the drug has to offer from a business, medical and sociological standpoint.

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The advocacy group composed of army veteran Brandon L. Wyatt Esq., engineer Todd Hughes and communications specialist Christine V. Edmond, created BUD, otherwise known as the Business Understanding & Development Summit. The forum will take place at the nation’s capital Aug. 20. Since 2015,  a total of 25 states have regulated marijuana use in various forms. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia have approved recreational use with a future possibility to expand in the business sector.

“We have the leaders of advocacy speaking at the cannabis summit, and we are looking to build a generation of cannabis business leaders promoting social responsibility to end the drug war,” Wyatt in a press release. “This is the final opportunity before the election, to interact with the industry leaders that will be influencing the presidential campaigns when it comes to drug policy reform and cannabis.”

Wyatt is also a business and civil rights attorney and a national policy coordinator for the Weed for Warriors project. The event will feature speakers like the founder of the National Organization for Marijuana Reform (NORML) Keith Stroup, and Rick Simpson. The author and advocate is known in the cannabis world reportedly curing his skin cancer with oils from the plant.

In addition to talks of weed businesses, the forum will also feature “The Hot Box.” Think of it as a special elevator pitch cannabis business folks can deliver about their ideas to possible investors. Check out more information behind the BUD Summit here.

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