T.I. Is The Latest Walk Off On ‘The Eric Andre Show’

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Eric Andre normally has great experiences with rappers on The Eric Andre Show, but one rapper didn’t get the memo about the comedian’s experimental style.

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During the premiere of season four Friday evening (August 5), the Andre and co-host Hannibal Buress welcome T.I., who seems to be pretty chill as he enters the stage with a drink in hand. Following an awkward introduction on his music, the comedian pretends to force little Andre through the desk and masturbate as Tip swiftly looks away. There’s also a moment where the rapper gives a half roundhouse kick to the face of a very morbid zombie.

After a few too many penises are exposed to the rapper, he decides to chuck the deuces. This marks the second walk off  the show since its fruition in 2012. Former reality star Lauren Conrad walked off the show after the comedian ate his own vomit. During an interview with Larry King on Friday (August 5), Andre admitted the vomit was actually tasty oatmeal.

Take a look at the rapper’s appearance and other skits such as “The Cupcake Challenge” below.

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