Tiki Barber Feels Twitter’s Wrath After Voicing Opinion On Colin Kaepernick


Several people have been weighing in on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest regarding standing during the National Anthem at football games, and now, former NFL star Tiki Barber is voicing his opinion.

The former running back, who hosts his own CBS Sports radio show Tiki and Tierney with Brandon Tierney, checked into CBS This Morning on Monday (Aug. 29), to discuss the controversy surrounding Kaepernick. According to Barber, Kaepernick has the right idea when it comes to “continuing the narrative” about the unjust history of blacks in America, however, he believes he should still be standing for the anthem.

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“I agree with his desire to continue the narrative,” he said. “There are issues in this country. That, you have to commend him for. But I don’t commend him for sitting and not honoring this country and our flag.”

After a tweet from the television program crediting Barber for his quote was sent out, Twitter jumped on Barber and roasted him to high hell.

Many of those who came at Barber criticized his personal life and decisions, claiming that due to his choices, he has no right to speak about what another man chooses to do with his life.

Barber wrote a few tweets of his own after a back and forth war of words ignited between him and ESPN analyst Damien Woody, including his thoughts on why Kaepernick should stand.

“Trying to fight emotion with intellectualism is a fool’s errand Calm down, get educated & educate #anysubject,” he wrote today (Aug. 30).

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Check out some of the tweets against Tiki’s comments below.