Troy Ave Debuts ‘Roland Collins’ Mixtape


If there’s one person who will never forget the most fretful night in Irving Plaza’s history, it’s Troy Ave. Now that he’s out on bail and prepping to defend himself in court, the B$B emcee decided to let his frustrations go on wax on his latest project Roland Collins. The 10-track album has no features but does hold contributions from producers like Chase N. Chase, Yankee and Trilogy.

Troy takes the time to let go of how he feels about the backlash he received online after he was arrested and slammed with attempted murder and weapons possession charges. In his song “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies,” Troy acknowledges how low he’s sunken but knows he’ll make it out of the hole he dug himself.

“N*ggas love to talk the talk, with bullet holes in my leg I still walk the walk,” Troy raps. “Right now I’m at the lowest point in my life, but I’mma win cuz God shielding me, safe flight.”

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The album’s title is his government name and features his infamous photo in a wheelchair while in court as the cover. Troy’s first release since the unfortunate incident is imperative for his career, yet somewhat apologetic. While he boasts himself in songs like “Chuck Norris,” he’s still revels in the utter depression of his life at the moment in tracks like “Pain.”

Stream Troy Ave’s Roland Collins below.